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Law Firm In Pune

Across dynamically changing legal landscape, Fox Mandal has gracefully stood its ground as the flag bearer of its client’s interests for the past 125 years. Acknowledging the diverse culture of India, the Firm has established full-fledged offices in every major metropolitan city of India, including Pune, making it a truly India Firm. Fox Mandal Pune is regarded as a trusted and preferred legal advisory and consultancy Firm in the city by its diverse client base, especially for tax related services. 

Services Offered by our Lawyers in Pune

  1. Corporate

The corporate law team, comprising of top-notch corporate lawyers in Pune, extends sophisticated advisory, liaison and compliance/regulatory services in practice areas ranging from anti-competitive laws to family business, banking and finance advisory, placing it at par with the top corporate law firms in Pune.

  1. Employment Law

Fox Mandal Pune is a haven of trusted pioneering solutions in the field of employment law for organizations seeking to harness the advantages of changing regulatory regime and increasing cross-border collaborations, talent acquisition and expansion while fine-tuning the vision of the organization and employee aspirations.

  1. Intellectual Property

The Firm’s IPR team offers dynamic legal advisory assistance and regulatory support to nascent, legacy and modern ventures and organizations in the field of Designs, Copyright, Patents, Sports law, media and entertainment etc. making it the most well-rounded and resourceful team amongst the top law firms in Pune.

  1. Real Estate

The firm’s Real Estate practice offers range of services from strategy planning to dispute resolution. The sector usually works in tandem with other practice areas like renewable energy, tech law and tax. With a robust tax team that consists of some of the best income tax consultants in Pune, the firm also advices on the tax implications of real estate transactions.  

  1. Dispute Resolution

Fox Mandal has consistently proved its mettle as one of the best corporate law firms in Pune. However, it also houses an impressive and resourceful local dispute resolution practice base, across all courts and tribunals in the city as well as in India. Being well dispersed across the country gives the firm a comparative advantage to provide representation in multiple forums on a pan-India basis.

  1. Tax

Equipped with an impressive team of tax and regulatory specialist led by the best tax consultant in Pune and backed by industry expertise, Fox Mandal works with an objective to transform their client’s business traversing all tax disciplines. However, businesses and individuals usually ignore this facet at initial stages of their venture as observed by a tax consultant in Pune. The agreed principle amongst the best income tax consultants in Pune is if it was tough for Einstein, it shall be tough for you!

  1. Mergers and Acquisitions

As one of the best legal firms in Pune, Fox Mandal’s M&A team provides strategic advisory and regulatory framework across issues pertaining to public and private M&A transactions, specifically targeting complex cross-border deals, domestic transactions and strategic joint ventures.

  1. Technology Law

Fox Mandal acknowledges the dynamic and innovative ecosystem of the technology sector. Hence, the firm focuses on transforming its regulatory compliance strategies in resonance with the commercial and corporate matters, employment law issues, IPR issues, thus, rendering well-rounded services and functioning at par with the best law firms in Pune.

  1. Funds

Project Finance, debt structuring and restructuring, private equity, venture capital P2P funding etc. are the areas of Fund optimization offered by Fox Mandal and its team of corporate lawyers in Pune. The team succours businesses with documentation, liaison and fund structuring advisory, making it one of the most coveted offering amongst the top law firms in Pune.

  1. Renewable Energy

Fox Mandal’s cross functional renewable energy is a master of all trades in this complex practice area, from setting up of the energy projects to consulting and advising on project and equipment finance in Indian and foreign currency; making it one of the best law firms in Pune.

  1. Infrastructure and Energy

The Infrastructure and Energy practice of Fox Mandal caters to the interests of key local and domestic government agencies and private sector players in evaluating their developmental/legal risks; while rendering sophisticated advisory and regulatory services ranging from pre-bidding support to assistance in banking and finance matters.

  1. Government, Regulatory and Compliance

The Government, Regulatory and Compliance team of one of the most revered legal firms in Pune – Fox Mandal, is structured as a multi- professional collaboration; ranging from attorneys to chattered accountants to company secretaries, working in concert to empower clients to thrive in the contemporary complex regulatory regime