The area of sports law is niche but has constantly been evolving in the past several years. Fox Mandal is one of the initial firms to be involved in the practice of sports law and has been delivering effective legal solutions to sports personnel, teams and federations. Fox Mandal’s sports practice primarily include consulting on concept strategy, negotiating contracts, and advising on dispute resolution.

We have represented various stakeholders in the sports industry which include sports federations, players, teams, sponsors, franchise/licensors, fans, broadcasters, underprivileged athletes and not-for-profit organisations associated with sports.
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A non-exhaustive list of our services in this field is given below:
• Broadcasting agreements for leagues and related sporting events
• Transactional advice pertaining to contracts with coaches, teams, athletes, players, etc.
• Drafting & negotiation of contracts with federations, athletes and teams/franchises
• Drafting of constitutional documents, commercial rules and regulations for sports bodies
• Guidelines for the formation of new leagues, sports clubs and sports academies
• Prevention of sports fraud & prosecuting perpetrators
• Protecting, managing & enforcing intellectual property rights (including image rights)
• Dispute resolution (including arbitration, litigation & mediation) and defamation issues
Drafting, negotiating and reviewing franchise and licensing related documents


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