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We help in preserving the fundamentality of your fundamental right.

In a digital economy, balancing privacy concerns and ensuring data protection with the imperatives of innovation and growth is a tight rope that technology entities are treading these days. Services offered by these new-age entities essentially involve data processing, data access, sharing, and storing in multiple locations which pose constant compliance challenges. Further, privacy and data protection laws have extra-territorial significance and entail compliance under the laws of multiple jurisdictions. In addition, privacy being a fundamental right, the obligations and legal requirements of its observance is even more significant. India
is contemplating a legal regime on commercial use/share of non-personal data. This essentially will lead to a data market and sharing of non- personal data for commercial uses

We advise on data protection and privacy law matters in India as well as resolve compliance issues relating to GDPR and other regulations. We cater to a wide range of industries, including IT companies, e-commerce, financial institutions and insurance firms. We help companies in creating appropriate internal privacy practices and formulating privacy and data protection policies.

Our services also include helping companies in following various ISO standards relating to data protection and security. We further advise on the management of data responsibly, monetizing data while respecting privacy, data transfer agreements, data protection issues relating to cloud computing, big data analytics, Internet of things, interoperability, etc.
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The services we render include:
  • Privacy design and privacy policy
  • Designing privacy practices.
  • Advise on the legitimacy of data collection and use
  • Outsourced DPO services
  • Cross-border data transfer agreements
  • Compliance of GDPR, CCPA
  • Data breach notification and related compliance
  • Data classification and protection strategies
  • Consent and notice.
  • Advisory on data localization requirements
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