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We provide eclectic legal assistance to entities in this niche industry.


With a strong raw material base and the largest installed production bases owing to the large manpower available, India’s textile and apparel industry is globally competitive and locally pivotal.

The sector is now transforming with the advent of technology that has resulted in the proliferation of man-made fibres and technical textiles bringing with it a horde of legal complexity. Moreover, increasing awareness has brought about concepts like sustainability and ethical fashion in the fray transforming the perception of clothing and confounding the demand angle. Also, the internet has been a mix of opportunities and obstacles for the sector starting from the introduction of online marketplaces to the threat of Intellectual Property infringement.



Our service offerings, inter alia, include:
  • Advising on business and corporate matters, including incorporation and dealing with the operational challenges from a legal and compliance point of view
  • Advisory on labour laws, real estate, international trade, import & export, taxation, antitrust and intellectual property.
  • Contract negotiations and drafting considering challenges pertaining to IP protection, limitation of liability, indemnity etc.
  • Assistance with respect to regulatory compliance, audit and inspection by authorities.
  • Facilitating investment through assistance with the entire fund cycle, from the establishment of investment vehicles and constant regulatory compliance to the winding-up process.
  • Comprehensive assistance with dispute resolution through litigation or alternative routes.

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Jayaprakash Padmanaban

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