We provide carefully tailored sector specific solutions to educational institutions.


All sustainable development- whether social or economic- is underpinned by education.

As India seeks to reap its demographic dividends over the next couple of decades, it is critical that the country’s educational system improves in terms of reach and access, standards and pedagogical processes. Without a doubt, both formal education and vocational training represent huge opportunities in India. However, the sector is highly regulated- and though some opening up has started to happen, many regulatory challenges remain.

While pre-school education remains largely unregulated (except in certain states), primary, secondary and higher education institutions are highly regulated when it comes to aspects such as who is allowed to establish such institutions, admissions, fees, reservations for certain sections of society etc. The process of affiliations and approval of curricula is also cumbersome, given that different regulators oversee different courses (For ex. UGC, AICTE, MCI, DEC etc.).

We can advise you on the best way to structure your educational concerns so that you achieve the fine balance between the need for financial returns to investors, compliance with Indian regulations and setting up an ecosystem that attracts quality students. We can also assist you with specific aspects of your strategy and plans- For ex. acquiring adequate real estate at preferred locations, obtaining approvals to construct campus, contracts with full-time and visiting faculty etc. We also enable foreign universities to enter India and set up campuses.

Also, the assimilation of education and technology has breached unknown boundaries. Edu-tech has transformed the practical educational experience and ensured ubiquitous access. We assist educational institutions, online educational platforms and EdTech entities etc. on various technology, corporate and commercial matters as well as litigation.


Our service offerings, inter alia, include:
  • Advisory and assistance in legal, regulatory and compliance-related matters.
  • Advisory on labour laws, trade laws, technology laws, intellectual property laws, real estate laws, international laws, organizational issues, investment issues, corporate and commercial issues, FDI, etc.
  • Contract negotiations and drafting considering challenges pertaining to data privacy, security, IP protection, limitation of liability etc.
  • Mergers and acquisition-related assistance.
  • Facilitating investment through assistance with the entire fund cycle, from the establishment of investment vehicles and constant regulatory compliance to the winding-up process.
  • Comprehensive assistance with dispute resolution through litigation or alternative routes.

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