We offer a rich environment that induces learning and provides a platform to shine while bringing about a positive change in the world.

Our Approach

Our approach to advice clients is consciously geared to help us achieve our objective of being a trusted advisor to our clients. Accordingly, our client service processes are designed to enable us to:
  • Understand stated and unstated needs, objectives, aspirations and concerns of our clients and connect these dots to see the bigger picture (the context);
  • Anticipate obvious and hidden risks act as a sounding-board and source of solution ideas;
  • Assist in options analysis and selecting the best course of action with regard to the context; and
  • Formulate and implement solutions that are not just well-grounded in law, but also practical, cost-efficient, easy to implement and effective in addressing risks.
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Why Fox Mandal?

Diversity & Inclusiveness

At Fox Mandal, we believe that innovation can occur only when we empower all sections of our people to openly express their views. We craft eclectic approaches, solutions and promote strong values within the organization to give expression to a diverse pool of talent.

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