Sports Ministry Recognises Handball Association of India as National Sports Federation

Recently, the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports decided to recognise the Handball Association of India (HAI) as a National Sports Federation (NSF) for promoting and regulating the sport in the nation with immediate effect.

The letter dated July 25, 2023, specifies that the decision was made after considering HAI’s affiliation with the International Handball Federation, the Asian Handball Federation, and the Indian Olympic Association. Pointing out that the HAI’s elections conducted on June 26, 2023, were overseen by the Retd. District Judge Justice Deepak Kumar Srivastava, the Ministry took on record the office bearers for 2023 – 27.

This grant of recognition has been made subject to certain terms and conditions, including compliance with the Ministry’s Model Election Guidelines, etc. as enumerated in the said letter. Additionally, the Association would be required to inform the government of any changes to its Constitution at least two months in advance and must keep its financial records in accordance with the Mercantile System of Accounting.