MNRE Clarifies ALMM Order Applicability to Solar Projects

The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) has issued a clarification regarding the applicability of the Approved Models and Manufacturers of Solar Photovoltaic Modules (Requirements for Compulsory Registration) Order, 2019, for solar projects.

The Ministry emphasized that this order is relevant only for projects whose final bid submission date is on or after April 10, 2021. This clarification is crucial for project developers and bidders to ensure compliance with the appropriate regulations. Projects submitted before the specified date are exempt from the ALMM Order for List I (Modules), offering some leeway for those already in progress.

This initiative aims to ensure that solar PV cells and modules used in government and government-assisted projects adhere to established quality and reliability standards, thereby safeguarding long-term energy security.

The ALMM order stipulates that only listed and approved models and manufacturers can be utilized in these projects.

To enforce compliance, the MNRE has implemented mechanisms such as audits and inspections of manufacturing facilities. Manufacturers failing to comply may be removed from the approved list.

This clarification is part of MNRE’s ongoing efforts to enhance and enforce regulations in the solar energy sector, ensuring all installations meet required quality standards for sustainable energy development. The reaffirmation of the ALMM mandate‚Äôs applicability is designed to facilitate compliance and prevent misunderstandings that could impede the progress of solar PV projects across India.

Additionally, the ALMM mandate was reinstated on April 1, 2024. The reimposition order, however, eliminates the previously announced exemptions for projects under open access and rooftop solar by private parties. This change has come as a surprise to many industry stakeholders who had anticipated the continuation of the earlier relaxation provisions.