MIB Releases Draft Press and Registration of Periodicals Rules

The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting has released the draft Press and Registration of Periodicals Rules, 2024, seeking public comments within 30 days.

As per the draft rules, to obtain a certificate of registration under Section 7 of the Press and Registration of Periodicals Act, 2023, a publisher of the periodical has to make an online application with the requisite documents on the Press Sewa Portal. To make this application, a fee of Rs.1,000.00 would apply and the same has to be paid on ‘Bharat Kosh’, an online service window of the Government.

For publication of a facsimile edition of a foreign periodical in India, approval has to be obtained from the Central Government according to provisions of the 2023 Act. In this regard, an application has to be filed by an Indian entity on the National Single Window System and within 15 days of the grant of such approval, another application has to be made to the Press Registrar General on the Press Sewa Portal for the grant of certificate of registration. The same has to be accompanied by prescribed documents and a fee of Rs.10,000.00 is also said to apply.

Rule 10 of the draft rules requires publishers to upload the electronic version of the newspaper on the Press Sewa Portal within 48 hours of its publication. The physical copies of the newspaper have to be delivered to the office of the Press Information Bureau in the State or Union Territory and the office of the State or Union Territory, “by the fifth day of every month for all the days for which the newspaper is published during the preceding month”. The submission of such copies will be considered to determine if the newspaper is being published continuously. Failure to publish the periodical continuously is one of the grounds for suspension of the certificate of registration under Section 11 of the Act.

Further, the draft rules require the submission of annual statements on the Press Sewa Portal and provide for the verification of the periodical’s circulation, by the Press Registrar General.