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Continuing convergence between technology, media and telecom has resulted in the three sectors being spoken of in one breath. Admittedly, there are common aspects. But yet, differences remain in how these services are consumed and the identity of service providers. The terms are also very broad. “Technology” for instance, could include hardware, software products, networks etc. It could also, in a loose sense, include IT services related to developing and maintaining software applications. “Media” could include print media (and their digital counterparts) as also purely electronic media (e.g. television or radio).

While every sector has its own unique technical features, the TMT domain is one that demands a good understanding of the underlying technological concepts and issues. That we have a strong Technology and IPR practice gives us an undue benefit- we have in-house access to people who understand the intricacies of the domain and can act as a bridge between our lawyers and clients.

In a business-as-usual sense, we can assist companies in regulatory compliance as well as provide advice on commercial and corporate matters, employment law issues, IPR issues and real estate matters.

The technology sector in particular is one characterized by a high degree of innovation; often, these innovations are the outcome of start-ups and smaller companies that are attractive to larger companies and funds as acquisition targets or portfolio investments. We can provide transaction advisory services in such situations, leveraging our relationships with law firms in other jurisdictions as necessary.

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