Professional sports are becoming popular in India, as evidenced by the success of the IPL (cricket), IHL (hockey), kabaddi etc. European football clubs have a large and growing fan base in India, and sale of club merchandise is a rising source of revenue. Foreign players are willing to play in India (e.g. IPL, IHL etc.).

The transformation of professional sports into commercial ventures inevitably means that the various stakeholders (e.g. sports persons and their agents; franchise owners; media companies and broadcasters; sports associations; regulators (WADA, NADA); and various governments must collaborate to address various corporate and commercial matters. While there is no body of sports law as such, sports ventures involve a range of laws and rules, including corporate & commercial, employment, immigration, IPR, regulatory compliance, tax, exchange control etc.

As a full-service law firm, we have the capabilities to advise and assist various stakeholders on all matters related to the above-mentioned laws. Where there are multiple parties with different commercial interests at stake, the risk of conflict always exists. We can also assist in resolving disputes between parties, whether through mediation or arbitration (in India or overseas) or through litigation. Our ability to service sports ventures is enhanced by our relationships with experts who have managed franchises and run sports bodies successfully.

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