India’s mining sector is key to the nation’s economy not just as a means of earning foreign exchange, but also because a high-growth economy needs easy access to various metals such as iron, aluminium, steel etc.

For years, both the public sector and private sector have co-existed in this capital intensive business that requires large amounts of water and power. In a world that is becoming more conscious of ecological costs and risks, the impact on companies in the mining sector has been especially severe. Already a highly regulated sector (e.g. The Mines Act, 1952; The Mines Rules, 1955; Coal Mines Regulations, 1957; The Minor Mineral Concession Rules, 1960; The Oil Mines Regulations, 1984; Mines Rescue Rules, 1985 etc.), fears in the last few years that mines may have been illegally exploited by vested interests, have triggered a series of actions by both government and India’s judiciary. This has complicated the operating environment for mining companies.

Fox Mandal can assist mining clients on a wide range of sector-specific matters as well as general corporate and commercial aspects such as FDI, structuring joint ventures for mining and marketing of coal, iron ore and other minerals. We can help draft and review agreements relating to leasing of mines and quarries, operating washeries, transporting and supplying coal to power plants etc. we can assist you in drafting and reviewing bids so that your interests are protected.

Mining is a labour-intensive activity, with most labour forces that operate in this industry being unionized. We can assist you in addressing labour and employment matters including unrest, strikes etc.

Should you be looking at M&A as a way to enter or grow your presence in the mining sector (or divesting your interests), we can help you with the entire deal lifecycle.

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