The Indian government’s conscious strategies to improve the standard of manufacturing in the country will give a fillip to both domestic and overseas companies in this space. We can advise you on the New Manufacturing Policy as well as guide you on incentives offered by individual states (some states have specific policies to attract manufacturing into aerospace, textiles, chemicals etc.) and help you obtain the necessary land and approvals so that you can base your facility at the best possible location.

If you are a 3rd party manufacturer or export your products, our commercial experts can assist you in drawing up agreements that safeguard your interests.

Typically, industrial relations/labour disputes tend to be more common in manufacturing plants. Our Employment and Human Resources team can assist in framing appropriate policies; implementing them; complying with the myriad requirements imposed by the central and individual state governments; and advising you on how best to address labour disputes and instances of unrest so that commercial interests, brand reputation as well as interests of all stakeholders are balanced.

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