Infrastructure & Transportation

India’s growth can be sustained only by development of world-class infrastructure such as roads, railways, airports, ports, water supply and sanitation, electricity, telecom etc.

Given the capital intensive nature of infrastructure projects, many of them will likely be in the PPP (Public Private Partnership) mode. This will need private participants (consultants, designers, EPC companies etc.) to collaborate with each other in ways that insulates them from various risks. On the other hand, government agencies responsible for commissioning of these projects must ensure that the agreements drawn up are practical, sensible and commercially viable with regard to concession agreements, user charges etc. We can assist both government agencies and private sector players in thinking through these risks and ensuring that the underlying documentation is water-tight.

We can also advise private participants in preparing their bid responses as well as in creating the documentation necessary to raise capital (whether equity or debt financing). In the event of litigation, our team will draw on experts in corporate, commercial and project finance and other domains as necessary to work with our litigation experts to protect your interests. If you are an Indian infrastructure company looking to bid for and execute projects overseas, we can use our relationships with leading overseas law firms to deliver the services you will need from time to time as you successfully complete the project.

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