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Regulators in India too are tightening the rules under which Banks, NBFCs, Capital Market companies, Insurers and Pension funds are permitted to operate. There are separate regulations- and regulators- for banks/NBFCs, insurers, capital market players and pension funds. The balance between the need to more rigorously assess customer risk and the need to keep private data secure will alter the way banks, NBFCs and insurers do business. For pension funds, the potential opportunity to invest in higher-yielding (but correspondingly riskier) assets will drive new thinking about risk and its mitigation. New capital adequacy norms will need to be met; business strategies and operating models may need to be tweaked; customer level agreements and covenants may need to be revised.

If you are a bank or insurance company, our BFSI specialists can assist you on matters related to the interplay of law, strategy, technology and operations as also regulatory compliance (RBI, SEBI, IRDA etc.).

If you are a corporate entity or individual, we can assist on matters related to domestic and international banking transactions including project financing and other commercial borrowing/ credit matters.

In the area of corporate finance related to capital markets, we can assist on matters related to SEBI guidelines, security regulations, IPOs, rights issues and private placements of debt and equity. We can also advise on corporate restructuring, schemes of arrangement. We can also assist you on litigation related to financial disputes.

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