A maturing automotive market in India means more choice for customers. To succeed in the face of greater competitive intensity, the entire ecosystem, comprising automotive manufacturers, their suppliers, dealers and service centres will all need to focus on delivering higher levels of discernible value to customers.

To reduce cost, foreign automakers may ask their overseas OEM manufacturers to set up operations in India. Regulators will come down more heavily on actions that are seen to be against fair trade or aimed at creating unfair marketplace advantage. Customers will be more willing to file cases against automakers. All this can have a bearing on the company’s policies, supply chain agreements, IPR protection strategies, financing programs, strategic alliances etc.

If you are already part of India’s automotive ecosystem, we can assist you on corporate & commercial matters, tax, corporate governance, IPR, litigation etc. If you are looking to establish operations in India, we can advise you on FDI regulations and help you obtain various statutory approvals.

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