15 May 2020

Land plays a crucial role in defining the degree of Industrial Development in any state and Karnataka is no exception. Land acquisition process is one of the essential factors that contribute to industrial development and related investments.  The State Governments in India have been endeavouring and enacting a plethora of reforms easing the land acquisition process with an intention to attract major investments and in particular industrial development.>>

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10 Dec 2019

Land Acquisition in India – A Tough Balancing Act

Sovereigns across the globe have relied upon the doctrine of eminent domain to acquire land for public use. Consent of those who own the land takes a backseat when the greater good is at stake. Guided by this utilitarian principle and to usher a sense of equality among the economically weaker citizens of this nation, ‘right to property’ was removed as a fundamental right through the 44th amendment. However, democracy demands people-pleasing and power mongers have to give in once in a while for a euphoric sense of justice to prevail. Consequently, the doctrine of eminent domain was balanced through the introduction of the Right to Fair Compensation and Transparency in Land Acquisition Rehabilitation and Resettlements Act, 2013 (RFCTLARR Act). The act empowered central and state governments to acquire lands for the development of public good with ‘consent’.>>

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