Sushant Shetty - Partner - Fox Mandal

Sushant Shetty

PEOPLE Sushant Shetty PARTNER Mumbai M: +91 98201 12748 E: Sushant Shetty is a Partner in the Mumbai office of Fox Mandal and heads

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Shyamal Mukherjee

PEOPLE Shyamal Mukherjee Partner Bengaluru M: +91 99010 44688E: A seasoned lawyer honed by three decades of experience, Shyamal distils complex commercial issues to

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Rajesh Vellakkat

PEOPLE Rajesh Vellakkat Partner Bengaluru M: +91 94498 37538E: Rajesh is the go-to lawyer for tech startups and innovators who wish to enter the

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Prof. Nripendra Lal Mitra

PEOPLE Prof. Nripendra Lal Mitra Partner Bengaluru M: +91 98805 93282 E: Prof. N. L. Mitra is a Partner at Fox Mandal, Bengaluru. Author

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Vijayakumar-Reddy fox mandal

T Vijayakumar Reddy

people T Vijayakumar Reddy Partner Hyderabad M: +91 80084 47849 E: With a career spanning over two and a half decades, Vijay provides valuable

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Chandrasekharan R Fox Mandal

Chandrasekaran R

People Chandrasekaran R Partner Chennai M: +91 94443 98172 E: An Advocate and Company Secretary with over 45 years of experience, R Chandrasekaran (“RC”)

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