Group Head

Sudarshana Daw Fox Mandal

Sudarsana Daw

PEOPLE Sudarsana Daw Group Head Kolkata M: +91 97488 27017 E: With a focus on Real Estate Matters, Sudarsana manages registrations for projects developed

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Jayeeta Sengupta - Employment Lawyer-Fox Mandal

Jayeeta Sengupta

PEOPLE JAYEETA SENGUPTA Group Head KOLKATA M: +91 98360 35555 E: Jayeeta, from our Office in Kolkata, brings in over 16 years of experience

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Vidya H Pawar

PEOPLE Vidya H Pawar Group Head Bengaluru M: +91 98868 04686 E: Vidya is a Group Head in the Corporate Compliance Vertical at Fox

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Smitha Pavan

PEOPLE Smitha Pavan Group Head Bengaluru M: +91 89719 82900 E: Smitha from our Bengaluru office has over 18 years of experience in the

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Varalakshmi Bhamidi Fox Mandal

Varalakshmi Bhamidi

PEOPLE Varalakshmi Bhamidi Group Head Hyderabad M: +91 91777 04221 E: Varalakshmi is a Group Head at the firm’s Hyderabad office and brings in

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Praveen Kumar Chandur

PEOPLE Praveen Kumar Chandur Group Head Bengaluru M: +91 99800 22104 E: With 14 years of experience in Real Estate, Infrastructure Projects and Energy

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Partha Pratim Goswami

PEOPLE Partha Pratim Goswami Senior Associate Hyderabad M: +91 97395 84397 E: Partha has been associated with the firm for almost 9 years. Having

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Keerthi Kishore B C

PEOPLE Keerthi Kishore B C Group Head Bengaluru M: +91 99864 66139 E: Keerthi Kishore has over 13 years of experience working as an

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Kaamya Ramanan

PEOPLE Kaamya Ramanan Senior Associate Bengaluru M: +91 98459 99480 E: With ample experience in the field of Employment and Corporate laws, Kaamya has

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John Zachariah

PEOPLE John Zachariah Group Head Chennai M: +91 99401 56935 E: John is a seasoned litigator with 30 years of professional experience appearing in

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