LITIGATION, ARBITRATION & DISPUTE RESOLUTION advisory services from India for entities from Malaysia

LITIGATION, ARBITRATION & DISPUTE RESOLUTION advisory services from India for entities from Malaysia

Fox Mandal is a full-service law firm from India. We are one of India’s oldest and most respected firms. With 10 offices across India, the Firm advises a wide range of clients, including Fortune 500 companies, large and medium multinationals, Indian business groups, emerging companies, public sector organizations, government, educational institutions and start-ups on various facets of law.

Disputes are always unpleasant, whether personal or corporate. It may not always be possible to prevent or avoid disputes; however, it is not necessary that disputes must snowball into confrontations that adversely affect personal relationships, reputations and business.

Our experts can provide advisory services to entities from Malaysia to resolve disputes in India and seek amicable resolution of the underlying problem. However, if such endeavours do not achieve the desired results, our Firm has the expertise and experience to support UK companies seeking a resolution to the dispute in conventional legal fora as well as through alternate mechanisms such as mediation or arbitration.

Litigation in Indian courts can extend over several years. That is why UK companies should have a Firm like ours as your advisors: experts who understand not just the letter of the law and how the system works, but also knows how to counter the other side’s legal strategy. Our experienced and diligent lawyers combine knowledge of the law and out-of-the-box thinking with meticulous research to maximize your chances of success.

The dispute resolution process can get emotionally and physically draining. It may also cause disruptions to business. There may consequently be highs and lows through the journey. With Fox Mandal, you are assured of support and assistance that goes beyond legal acumen: we work for you and we work with you.

We at Fox Mandal assist UK Companies in civil and commercial litigation in all Indian courts of original and appellate jurisdictions, as well as in the Supreme Court of India. In 120+ years of our existence, we have assisted clients on a wide range of litigation matters, which means there are very few fields of legal matter that we have not successfully handled in the past.

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