Intellectual property Services in India for entities from The United Kingdom

Intellectual property Services in India entities from United Kingdom

Fox Mandal is a full-service law firm from India. We are one of India’s oldest and most respected firms. With 10 offices across India, the Firm advises a wide range of clients, including Fortune 500 companies, large and medium multinationals, Indian business groups, emerging companies, public sector organizations, government, educational institutions and startups on various facets of law.

Intellectual Property is a significant asset and value determinant for any successful business. Today, intellectual property often has greater value and significance than the physical assets of an entity. In a world where sustained competitive success depends on continuous innovation, appropriate protection, enforcement and commercialization of intellectual property are critical. Fox Mandal helps companies from United Kingdom to optimally protect, enforce and help commercialize their IP in India.

Fox Mandal’s Intellectual Property team comprises attorneys having expertise in different facets of IP, including patents, trademarks, copyrights, designs, trade secrets, licensing etc. Many of our IP attorneys are also formally qualified in science and technology. We possess expertise in specific industry sectors including electronics, telecommunication, IT, software, pharmaceutical, biosciences, chemicals, mechanical, education and retail. This combination of technical, legal and industry knowledge enables us to better understand how your IP can impactyour businessthus enabling us to provide effective solutions in the context of your business strategy and operations.

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