Fox Mandal has always taken pride in being a responsible corporate citizen. In a society that is becoming increasingly intolerant, selfish and litigious, we believe that as a full-service law firm, we are uniquely positioned to do our bit to make our world a better place.

The Fox Mandal Foundation spearheads our corporate social responsibility by running two programs that are specifically designed to improve a) quality of legal services in India and b) access to legal services to under-privileged Indians.

Training Program

The Fox Mandal Foundation conducts a freshly qualified lawyers training program. Experienced lawyers from our firm impart knowledge and practical tips to enhance the skill levels and competencies of law graduates who are on the threshold of starting their careers. This programme offers participants a uniquely immersive experience and the opportunity to acquire and sharpen critical professional skills such as research and drafting, in addition providing exposure to the rapidly-changing legal landscape and to various facets of a career in law.

Our firm’s lawyers also deliver guest lectures at various educational institutions on a range of contemporary topics with the express objective of enabling aspiring lawyers to develop a better understanding of various laws and help shape their interests.

We believe that these actions will, in some small way, help improve the quality of lawyers and legal services available to individuals and corporates.

Art Gallery

Fox Mandal contributes to being a good corporate citizen by offering a free platform for economically weak artists to display their work. Fox Mandal’s Delhi office has an Art gallery in its premises, where several social service organisations/NGOs send in paintings. Work by artists from Mumbai as well as Yemen have also been displayed. This art gallery was created to support and encourage talent from the less fortunate sections of society as also to create awareness about certain causes and mobilise resources for them. It also provides art lovers with a round-the-year opportunity to view and buy works of art. Over the years, the art gallery has showcased paintings by artists like Sanjeev Verma, Jaspal Singh, Anandita Singh, Ranjan Chakravorti, Mazhar and Ashim and several artists from the Aligarh Muslim University. Our efforts have been lauded by eminent personalities such as Ms. Nandita Das and Mr. Madhur Bhandarkar.

Talking about this initiative, Som Mandal, Managing Partner, Fox Mandal, says “We display art on behalf of NGOs, orphanages and individuals who have difficulty in getting access to art galleries. A panel of distinguished artists helps us choose good works of art. The artists or the NGOs/social organizations do not have to pay us anything. They are free to set their price and all proceeds from the sale of paintings go to the artist/ NGO/ orphanage.”

For more information about the Fox Mandal art gallery initiative, please contact

Free Legal Aid

We believe affordability should not be a reason why sections of our society are denied their rights or are precluded from accessing legal services. We provide free legal advice and support on matters relating to Indian laws to Indian citizens who are genuinely unable to afford legal representation. Advice is provided by qualified solicitors and advocates who volunteer their time.

If you are aware of Indian citizens looking for legal advice but are deterred by the cost, you may ask them to get in touch with us by submitting the following information.

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