Quote Shared by Santosh Vikram Singh on “Branding Your Business”

Santosh Vikram Singh, Partner, Fox Mandal & Associates was quoted in Asian Legal Business (ALB) June Edition in response to the query:

Given that 2021 is expected to see economic recovery, what are your marketing and branding strategies and budget for the year looking like? What tools and channels will you prioritise?  

“Being categorised as a noble profession, the legal industry has not considered branding seriously until very recently, at least not in India. Moreover, law firms have mostly relied upon and used partners’ names as the name of the firm and utilised their professional reputation to market the firm and its services. However, the trend seems to have been changing of late as law firms are espousing a formal corporate structure. The key considerations for the successful branding of a law firm would be, first, knowing the desired image you want to create and communicate; second, knowing what changes must
be made both internally and externally; third, identifying and setting up the right team to champion it; fourth, knowing how long the exercise must be carried out; and finally, focusing on quality.

What do firms get wrong? The major point where most of the firms go wrong in branding – is when they try to emulate someone else. Here, they do not just lose their identity but end up creating a wrong message and ultimately fail to connect with the right audience. “

Publication: Asian Legal Business (ALB)


Quote- Spreading the Word

Santosh Vikram Singh, Partner, Fox Mandal & Associates was quoted, “Fox Mandal had embarked on its digital journey much before it became a necessity for everyone owing to the pandemic restrictions. Being a service-oriented firm, knowledge sharing has been our constant priority and content has been our focus. However, we never intend to commoditise legal services and therefore, winning client confidence through quality and timely work has been the cynosure of all our initiatives. We endeavour to engage more significantly with our existing clients as well as gain visibility in the niche domain through peerless thought leadership and expand the contours of our content engagement. This year, being the 125th anniversary of the firm would mark a major transformation in the firm’s growth strategy and induce a wave of change internally as well as extrinsically. We are deeply committed to our pro bono undertakings and our strategy is to get more client participation in our initiatives.”

Publication: ALB


Shuva Mandal shares his “Secret to Success”

India Business Law Journal polled 150 of India’s A-List Lawyers and Legal Icons to find out what it takes to be one of India’s elite lawyers.

They asked them to share the daily habits, practices and rituals – both personal and professional – that they believe helped to facilitate their rise to the top of the legal profession. The findings are insightful and offered some valuable tips to those aspiring to be the next generation of legal leaders.

 One of the findings was that for most lawyers, family is the overriding priority when it comes to work-life balance. “Family is the core of my existence,” said our managing partner, Shuva Mandal. “Wherever I am, I stay in touch with my wife, my children and my parents.”

He also said that “An hour-long morning walk helps sweep away mental cobwebs and brings clarity to thinking.”


Sathya Prasad on the legal ambiguity in accepting bids beyond stipulated deadlines

Satya Prasad T, director, FM Advisory Services at Fox Mandal & Associates, points out that the divided/contradictory decisions of the Tribunals exist due to facts of the case which are different from each other. “In the interests of principles of natural justice being applied, the Tribunals may come up with criteria/guidelines over a period of time, allowing Resolution Professional to accept bids beyond notified timelines.

– Business Standard