Workmen in Highway Construction Sector: Focus on Skill Development

The Ministry of Road, Transport, and Highways has recently issued a circular dated 26 December, 2023, providing comprehensive guidelines for the skill development of workmen involved in highway construction.

Ministry has clarified that:

  • Allocation of skill development of Workmen in Highway construction will be done by regional officers and nodal officers will take care of list of project sites. (200 crores and above)
  • Allocation of work will be done in first come first serve basis to TP’s. However, maximum work cannot exceed 25% of total work in that jurisdiction.
  • Regional Officer/Project Director and executive engineer must ensure that training is done before civil work is completed. It can be conducted when the physical progress of a project is between 20%-60%.
  • The list of TP/AB can be obtained from the website .
  • Regional officer shall furnish the progress report monthly.
  • Expenditure of RO/PD shall be incurred according to the existing guidelines.

These guidelines must be complied by all concerned Authorities.