US Becomes First Team to Be Penalised Under Stop-Clock Rule

The USA made history as the first team to receive a run penalty after committing a third violation during their low-scoring match against India at the Nassau County International Stadium in New York. India had earlier gotten away with it in the game against Pakistan, where it had two faults.

The stop clock rule was introduced in December 2023 on an experimental basis, and was mandated for all white-ball matches since the T20 World Cup this year. To maintain the flow and pace of the game, umpires have been empowered to grant five-run penalties to the teams, needlessly wasting time.

Clause 41.9 of the T20 World Cup 2024 Playing Conditions deals with ‘time-wasting by the fielding side’ and provides a 60-second break between overs under Clause 41.9.4. An electronic clock is displayed on the ground that counts down seconds from 60 to zero. The clock may be stopped if a new batter comes, a drink interval has been called, treatment of an injury has been approved, or time is lost for circumstances beyond the control of the fielding side. Two warnings are given before the penalty is imposed.