UN General Assembly Adopts Resolution Recognizing Sports as Enablers of Sustainable Development

In a resolution passed on December 1, 2022, the United Nations General Assembly recognized the unifying nature of sport and its role in furthering sustainable development. The resolution encourages the politically neutral nature of sport and has been included in the 2030 agenda for Sustainable Development as a mode for achieving the listed goals.

The resolution, titled “Sports as an Enabler of Sustainable Development” covered diverse issues concerning sport, including doping, gender equality, discrimination, the perception of disability, public-private partnerships for funding sports and conformity with international and local laws in organizing major sporting events.

It further stressed the importance of robust legislative and law enforcement measures to address corruption in sports, enhance efforts to mitigate all forms of violence in sports, implement initiatives to adopt sports days to cultivate a sport culture in society, and broaden access to sports training and physical activity opportunities through online platforms. While adopting the resolution, India’s representative, Ashish Sharma, stressed the role played by sports in youth’s positive and constructive engagement by inculcating discipline and developing camaraderie.