Tunisia’s Anti-Doping Organisation No Longer on Non-Compliant List

The Tunisian National Anti-Doping Organization (ANAD) has been removed from the World Anti-Doping Code non-complaint list with immediate effect.

Due to its failure to implement the Code within the Tunisian legal framework, the Organization was placed on the watchlist earlier and as it remained non-compliant by the end of the relevant period, a formal notice was sent by WADA in April. The allegation was deemed to have been accepted as ANAD did not dispute the same within the 21-day period.

In accordance with the consequences and re-instatement conditions imposed on the Organization, the Tunisian flag was covered at a swimming competition which led to the heads of ANAD and the swimming federation being detained. WADA came out with a statement defending ANAD’s Director General, Mourad Hambli, and expressed that it supported “the efforts of ANAD and International Federations to uphold the decision by the WADA Executive Committee to assert non-compliance in this case”.

WADA’s Compliance Review Committee recommended the removal of ANAD from the list of non-compliant signatories after a confirmation was received, on May 2, to the effect that the decree issued by the Tunisian government ordering compliance with the Code had come into effect.

As of now, there are only three non-compliance signatories to the Code: the Angola National Olympic Committee, the Russian Anti-Doping Agency and the International Fitness and Bodybuilding Federation.