TMR Addresses the Issue of Opposition Backlogs

The pendency in the disposal of opposition proceedings has for long been the bane of the Indian Trade Marks Registry (“Registry”), with stake holders often having to take up this issue with the CGDPTM. In this regard, the Registry has come out with an official notice on occasion of the celebration of India’s 75th Independence Day.

The document states that a special drive will be undertaken for the disposal of IP disputes wherein parties are encouraged to dispose the pending opposition and rectification matters. Those parties who have settled their disputes are to report to the Registry for the formal settlement of the dispute. The Registry has also stated that if the parties have sent prior communications to them on such settlements, the same is to be resubmitted via a link provided below:

Trademark Opposition Settlement (

The use of ADR mechanisms had been put forth at various stake holder meetings for the disposal of oppositions. The Registry has recognized this and has encouraged parties to arrive at amicable settlements for the disposal of matters using such mechanisms.

In the recent past, the Registry has also increased the number of officials by hiring for various posts. These combined initiatives by the Registry must be lauded ,  as they are essential to establish  ‘dispute free IP Regime‘ in the country.