Tamil Nadu Sets Up A Comprehensive Land Information Portal

Tamil Nadu has launched a Comprehensive Land Information Portal (CLIP) with the aim of developing a modern, comprehensive and transparent land records management system which presents near real-time data to the applicants. Through this portal, investors can get access to relevant information about the land, such as land ownership details, property encumbrances, tax, water and electricity dues along with data on commercial and legal disputes.

The Policy Note of Industries, Investment Promotion and Commerce Department (Major Industries) 2023-24 published in April 2023, highlighted that the state of Tamil Nadu has approximately 48,198 acres of industrial land bank, the second-largest in the country. In light of this, it is sought to help investors in getting the requisite information for the land acquisition process.

The single integrated portal is user-friendly, does not require one to log in and displays the result once the necessary details are entered by the applicant. It allows investors to access the following data: –

  1. Land transaction deeds registered at any sub-registrar office
  2. Record of rights at all revenue department offices
  3. Property and water tax payment details
  4. Data on revenue court cases
  5. Civil court case data
  6. Securitization (CERSAI database)
  7. Electricity bill payment details
  8. Cadastral map (Field Measurement Book)