Sports Ministry Withdraws Recognition of Sqay Federation of India as an RSF

Through an order dated September 5, 2023, the Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports withdrew the recognition of the Sqay Federation of India (SFI) as a Regional Sports Federation (RSF) for the sport of Sqay with immediate effect. This recognition was accorded in 2015 for the promotion and development of the Sqay sport.

On receipt of the complaint alleging that the SFI provided a fake registration certificate at the time of recognition, the Ministry looked into the matter and concluded that the federation misrepresented the fact of being a duly registered society with the Directorate of Industries and Commerce, Jammu and Kashmir.

The 2011 National Sports Development Code of India requires federations to have legal status as voluntary registered bodies to be eligible for recognition. Further, the letter granting recognition specified that the same could be withdrawn if it was obtained through the submission of false information or misrepresentation of facts.

Accordingly, the recognition of the Sqay Federation of India as an RSF was withdrawn with immediate effect.