Shuva Mandal shares his “Secret to Success”

India Business Law Journal polled 150 of India’s A-List Lawyers and Legal Icons to find out what it takes to be one of India’s elite lawyers.

They asked them to share the daily habits, practices and rituals – both personal and professional – that they believe helped to facilitate their rise to the top of the legal profession. The findings are insightful and offered some valuable tips to those aspiring to be the next generation of legal leaders.

 One of the findings was that for most lawyers, family is the overriding priority when it comes to work-life balance. “Family is the core of my existence,” said our managing partner, Shuva Mandal. “Wherever I am, I stay in touch with my wife, my children and my parents.”

He also said that “An hour-long morning walk helps sweep away mental cobwebs and brings clarity to thinking.”