Rugby Football League Board Approves Amendments for 2024 Season

The Rugby Football League (RFL) Board has approved certain amendments to be implemented for the 2024 season. An announcement regarding the same was made on November 24, 2023.

The amendments, which were recommended by the RFL Laws Committee, are as follows: 

  • When teams are awarded penalties from a scrum, an option would be provided, of resetting the scrum. This was possible earlier only in cases where penalty was awarded for early detachment.
  • In case a defensive team infringes within the 40-metre area of the team in possession, the tackle count wouldn’t be restarted and instead, a penalty would be awarded. This is to prevent deliberate “conceding of six-agains early in the tackle count to gain a tactical advantage”.
  • An amendment has been made to the provision concerning the 18th player named by the teams in their matchday squad for use when there are instances of head injuries. Such a player can be used when two players fail head injury assessments or when “a player is deemed ineligible to return to the field by any injury (not only to the head) caused by serious foul play which has led to an opponent being dismissed or sent to the sin bin”. Earlier, said players could be used only when three players had failed the head injury assessments.
  • A new category of misconduct, as part of the Dangerous Contact charge has been introduced. This involves “recklessly endangering the safety of another player by making reckless contact to the lower limb(s) of the ball carrier where they have not made a ‘controlled’ attempt to make a tackle”. The same is subject to prescribed conditions.
  • The green card would be used only in the Betfred Super League and would only be shown to players on the defending team. Hence, a green card can no longer be shown to the ball-carrier.