Red Bull Fined by FIA for Cost Cap Breach

The International Automobile Federation (FIA) has imposed a fine of $7 million and a restriction on car development time on Formula One Champions Red Bull for breaching a budget cap last season. The financial penalty is a one-time payment, not a reduction in the team’s future budget cap. The aero restriction is a 10% deduction in time they can spend on wind tunnel or computational fluid dynamics work on their car.

Red Bull appears to have underreported its 2021 costs, creating a minor overspending breach of the regulations’ cost cap. As per the report, Red Bull seems to have made errors on budget cap costs such as catering, social security contributions, apprenticeship levies, unused spare parts for the car, and charging certain costs to Red Bull Power Trains, but the overspending has been revealed to be owing to tax issues.

Red Bull cooperated throughout the review process and accepted the FIA decision ruling out any appeal. Therefore, an Accepted Breach Agreement (ABA) dated 26 October 2022 was entered into by and between the Cost Cap Administration and Red Bull Racing pursuant to Article 6.28 of the FIA Formula 1 Financial Regulations.