OFC Takes Steps to Ensure Safer Football for All

To ensure the safety of everyone involved in the game of football, the Oceania Football Confederation (OFC) has come up with several safeguarding measures.

The press release, dated July 27, 2023, referred to a UNICEF report highlighting the prevalence of physical violence against children and gender-based violence against women in the Pacific region. The OFC’s safeguarding programs have ensured that coaches, referees, players, etc., are informed and educated about the signs of abuse and the manner of reporting abuse.

Like FIFA’s competition regulations, it was made mandatory for the teams travelling to Fiji for the OFC Women’s U19 Championship to have a Team Safeguarding Welfare Officer (TSWO) as part of their delegation. These officers were part of a pre-tournament workshop, which included a briefing on competition safeguarding. Further, safeguarding briefings were held for the teams as well.

To raise awareness about child abuse and exploitation, the Confederation has also collaborated with “It’s a Penalty”, an organization that aims to curb abuse, human trafficking and exploitation by harnessing the power of sport.