NHAI Issues SOPs to Curb Altercation Incidents at Toll Plazas

In light of the frequent instances of altercations at toll plazas on national highways, the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) has come out with comprehensive guidelines in the form of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

Over the years, incidents of violence at toll plazas, that often stem out of minor disagreements or other trivial grounds, have been widely reported. The SOPs are expected to curb such incidents, ensure the safety of commuters and toll operators, facilitate smooth conduct of day-to-day operations and “strengthen security” at the toll plazas.

According to the guidelines, the staff members are required to wear the prescribed uniform along with name tags. The toll plaza Manager or lane supervisors are tasked with handling anticipated incidents of violence, which have to be recorded with body cameras. If commuters engage in physical violence or cause any damage to public property, the same needs to be promptly reported to the NHAI Project Implementation Unit and the police. Further, the SOPs envisage police verification of staff members, submission of monthly statements to the Unit, etc.

In collaboration with professional psychologists, the Authority has also launched a special drive, “Toll par Calm” to provide training to toll plaza staff members in anger management and customer satisfaction. The first such training session was held at Murthal Toll Plaza, Haryana.