NHAI Revises Guidelines to Streamline Land Acquisition for Road Infrastructure

The National Highways Authority of India has developed a revised set of guidelines to streamline the approval process for land acquisition. These guidelines aim to facilitate the expeditious approval process for land acquisition while mitigating the potential for unjustified increases in land costs or fraudulent attempts to manipulate land values to obtain greater compensation.

In accordance with the revised regulations governing the approval of alignment and land acquisition plans (LAP), a comprehensive project report DPR (Detailed Project Report) will be prepared, offering three different alignments. These alignments will be determined after engaging in consultations with all relevant parties to minimize potential objections during subsequent stages.

The consultant or project director must collaborate with the National Highways Logistics Management Limited (NHLML) to strategize wayside amenities along the proposed alignments.

After obtaining approval for a road development project and finalizing the alignment, NHAI may collaborate with state or district authorities to impose restrictions on the sale or purchase of specific land and any changes in land use.

The authorities may also be requested to update revenue maps or records for villages located within the alignment or right of way.

The relevant authorities may also be asked to cease the sale/purchase or alteration in land use after the approval of the Land Acquisition Committee (LAC), in accordance with the established guidelines.

Furthermore, the project director will evaluate the feasibility of alignments on the Gati Shakti Portal. The PM Gati Shakti National Master Plan (NMP) aims to facilitate the integrated planning and coordinated implementation of infrastructure connectivity projects by bringing together 16 ministries.

This evaluation will reveal whether there are any current or proposed infrastructure development plans by other departments or ministries in the designated right of way or nearby area.

To ensure the timely approval of alignment, LAP, and land acquisition cost, it is necessary to obtain the projects and approvals from the acquisition committee by 30 June each year or within three months of the project’s inclusion in the scheme, as per legal requirements.