NHAI Identifies 19 Projects Eligible for Private Revival

The NHAI has identified 19 projects requiring a total investment of about Rs 56,000 crore. These projects will be offered in the build-operate-transfer (BOT) toll mode, with the aim of revitalizing private participation in the development of roads and highways throughout the country. This decision is being made as part of the government’s ongoing efforts to expedite infrastructure development and enhance connectivity.

The authority has been actively exploring opportunities to engage the private sector in road construction and maintenance, as it facilitates the efficient attainment of targets. The NHAI aims to address the financing and implementation challenges that have previously affected the pace of road infrastructure development by attracting private investment. The relevant governing body has identified strategically important projects with significant economic potential.

The highway projects, which span approximately 900 km, are distributed across multiple states, namely Assam, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, and Telangana.

To facilitate a smooth private participation process, the NHAI is making efforts to streamline the bidding process and address the concerns expressed by developers. The authority has been proactively collaborating with the private sector to solicit their feedback and recommendations to enhance the efficiency of the project implementation process.

The Indian government’s commitment to promoting private participation is evident in its prioritization of road infrastructure development. Through collaboration with the private sector, the government seeks to utilize their knowledge and financial resources to achieve the ambitious goals established for the development of road infrastructure.