New Policy Reforms for Satellite Communication

On 26th October 2022, the central government unveiled reforms for satellite communication services to enable a faster 5G rollout in the country. The objective of the policy reforms is to streamline the licencing and clearance procedures to improve the accessibility of satellite communication services across the country, especially in rural areas. 

The telecom Minister, Aswini Vaishnaw also urged the relevant industry stakeholders to speed up the process of tower deployments in the country to support a faster rollout of the 5G internet services in the country. 

Key highlights: 

  1. Simplification in telecom tower clearance process- faster expansion of mobile towers.
  2. Simplification in import process of telecom equipment- faster deployment of networks.
  3. Rationalization of charge for satellite telephony service- affordability and remote accessibility of satellite phones.
  4. Online and easy licensing process- faster, faceless, seamless delivery of  license.
  5. Digitation of old records- online auto-renewal of license.
  6. Delicensing of various frequency bands- promotes innovation, manufacturing & export, easy availability of device.