New Policy Guidelines for Inert Material Use in National Highway Construction

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) has undertaken extensive development of highways, including the implementation of green field projects throughout the country.

The construction of highways necessitates the acquisition of substantial quantities of soil, which is currently only obtained from agricultural fields. Construction should adhere to sustainable practices and should not result in any ecological harm during the acquisition of materials.

There is a requirement to utilize inorganic solid waste for the construction of embankments on highways and other roads.

The MoRTH, in collaboration with the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI), has initiated two pilot projects aimed at utilising inert material, a significant component of municipal solid waste. The initial pilot project has been conducted in Delhi-NCR on the Urban Extension Road and DND Sohna spur of the Delhi-Mumbai Motorway. In the second pilot project, inert solid waste material has been utilised on the Ahmedabad-Dholera Motorway.

Due to the successful utilisation of inert material in the construction of embankments, the MoRTH has decided to explore alternative uses for this solid waste in highway road projects. This decision is in line with the Solid Waste Management Rules. The Gazette Notification L35 7(E) dated 08/04/2016 is relevant to the topic.

Thus, Morth has issued guidelines on use of Inert Material in National Highway Construction vide circular dated 27 December, It being:

Brief methodology for laying inert material:

i) Sampling and testing

ii) Material to be spread 250 mm each for width.

iii) Moisture to be checked. If high, must be let in sunlight for 5-7 days.

iv) Deleterious materials must be removed from site.

v) Must be rolled and compacted according to density.

vi) Inert material cannot be utilised in earthern shoulder, verges and backfill.

In order to promote the use of inert soil:

For the project which are under DPR stage: DPR Consultant would examine availability of land-fill site on Gati Shakti portal where a layer of such sites is available. tn case any site is located in the vicinity of ( 100 km), concerned RO/PIU shall inform the Municipal Corporation/other department regarding the upcoming Express/highway project and the amount of inert material potentially usable in the project.

Enabling provision may be made in the Technical Schedule mandating use of inert soil in the construction of embankment of highway/roads whoever it is provided on site by local bodies.

Under bidding and construction stage: ln case any site is located in the nearby vicinity, concerned RO/PIU shall inform the Municipal corporation/other department regarding the upcoming road/highway project and the arnount of inert material required in the project.

ln exceptional cases where local bodies have not set up facilities for bioremediation and bio-mining, Highway contractors may set up such facilities. The machines purchased for this purpose would also be considered for mobilisation advance within overall ceiling of mobilisation advance, at applicable rates, under respective contract documents.

It may be mentioned that for successful implementation of this scheme, Municipal Bodies need to expedite setting up facilities for bio- mining of Municipal solid waste.