New Guidelines for Bitumen Selection for Pavements on Indian Highways

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has released a circular outlining recommended bitumen types and grades tailored to different climates and traffic conditions for projects on National Highways and Expressways in India. The quality of the bituminous binder significantly influences the performance of asphalt mixes. The selection process, previously based solely on design traffic as per IRC: 37 guidelines, is now being refined to include factors such as ambient temperature, rainfall, snowfall, and traffic loading intensity.

Based on the recommendation of a Task Force, chaired by ADG(S&R) and consisting of academicians, researchers, manufacturers, etc., the Ministry has decided to adopt the Bitumen Type & Grade for Different Climate & Traffic Loading for National Highway and Expressway Works in India outlined in Annexure-1 of this circular bearing reference number RW/NH-35072/05/2018- S&R (P&B) dated April 19, 2024.


This approach ensures that the selection of bitumen type and grade considers a broader range of factors, thereby enhancing the resilience and performance of the pavements across different climatic zones in India. These guidelines will apply to all new projects for which bids are received 60 (sixty) days after the issue of this circular dated April 19, 2024.