New Design and Camouflage Pattern Uniform Registered as Intellectual Property by Indian Army

The Indian Army recently registered its newly unveiled Digital Pattern Combat Uniform for Indian Army Soldiers with the Controller General of Patents, Designs and Trademark, Kolkata. The newly improved uniform was made lighter, stronger, and breathable with quick drying capabilities for easier maintenance of the combat uniform. The uniform was also enhanced to be inclusive of gender-specific modifications for women in combat.

With registered Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) over the Design and Camouflage Pattern, unauthorised manufacture by any vendor is illegal as the Indian Army can enforce exclusive rights to the design and file an infringement suit before any competent court of law. Remedies against the civil suit may be granted as interim and permanent injunctions as well as damages.

An Intellectual Property Facilitation (IPC) Cell was set up in the Department of Defence Production to provide advisory regarding patents, trademarks, designs, and copyright. This was done under the vision of “Make in India’ to achieve self-reliance in the defence sector and build cost-effective indigenous products. The Indian Army is working with the National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) in Delhi to train civil and military tailors in stitching the new uniform.