NADA Appeal Panel Reduces Period of Ban Imposed on Javelin Thrower Shivpal Singh

In an order dated January 9, 2023, the Appeal Panel of the National Anti Doping Agency (NADA) reduced the period of the ban imposed on the appellant, Shivpal Singh, a well-known Javelin thrower, from four years to one year. The Panel accepted his contention that the nutritional supplements he consumed were contaminated, resulting in his dope sample testing positive.

In August 2022, the Anti-Doping Disciplinary Panel imposed a four-year ban (w.e.f. October 21, 2021) on the athlete after his dope sample tested positive. This decision was challenged vide an appeal filed before the Anti-Doping Appeal Panel.

The appellant contended that consuming a contaminated supplement resulted in a positive doping test and that he had taken all measures to ensure that the supplement did not contain any prohibited substance. It was urged that there was no intention to cheat, and an FIR has also been filed against the retailer who sold the contaminated supplement.

Accepting the appellant’s contentions, the Anti Doping Appeal Panel held that the appellant committed a “normal degree of fault” and that he should have been more prudent in selecting and consuming nutritional supplements. Accordingly, the ban on him was reduced from four years to one year.