Madras HC Restrains Police from Taking Coercive Action Against Online Gaming Firm

In an order dated March 28, 2023, the Madras High Court in Play Games24 x 7 Private Limited & Anr. v. State of Tamil Nadu & Ors. (WP No.7696 of 2023 and others) granted interim relief to the petitioner, Play Games24 x 7 Private Limited, by restraining the police from taking any coercive action against it.


A case under Section 174 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973 was registered by the police after a person committed suicide upon incurring losses in a game of rummy circle. Thereafter, a notice was issued by the police under Section 160 of the Code requiring the petitioner’s attendance. Contending that the information sought in the notice is neither appropriate nor necessary, the petitioner filed various petitions challenging the notice.


In its order dated March 14, 2023, the Madras High Court directed the police not to harass the petitioner by calling for enquiry or taking coercive steps against the petitioner until the next hearing. However, on the said date (i.e., March 28, 2023), the respondent sought four weeks on account of the ongoing Assembly session. Acceding to this request, the court has postponed the hearing date to April 24, 2023.