The Lok Sabha Passes the National Anti-doping Bill, 2022

The Bill provides a statutory framework for the functioning of the National Anti-Doping Agency (NADA) and the National Dope Testing Laboratory in sports. The bill gives powers to anti-doping ombudspersons to search and seize. However, doping has not been criminalized.


The Bill and prescribing rules and regulations also propose establishing the National Board for Anti-Doping in Sports. This recommendation was made to develop a board to oversee NADA activities and issue directions to it from time to time. This board would also suggest anti-doping regulations and compliance with international standards and commitments to the Government. This bill will govern the planning, implementation, and monitoring of all anti-doping activities and investigations into violations of the anti-doping rules.


Athletes found guilty of such violations may face disqualification and may also have to forfeit medals, points, and prizes. They may also be ineligible to compete for a certain period and face financial penalties. The Bill will also affect the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization’s international convention against doping in sports. Along with this, it also complies with other international obligations and commitments that discourage and prohibit sports personnel from engaging in doping in sports.