Jharkhand Announces New Sports Policy to Encourage Participation

Jharkhand’s Chief Minister Hemant Soren has announced a new Sports Policy for the State that aims to provide the necessary grass-roots infrastructure to support and promote young players. An upgrade from the previous policy in 2007, the current plan envisages a 5-year plan that provides all the resources essential to helping sports become a viable career option for talented sportspersons.

The policy envisions providing scholarships, insurance facilities, pensions to players, and accessible playgrounds in every block of the State. The policy further entails day-boarding, sports schools, residential sports development centres, sports academies for the players, etc.

The policy will create India’s first digital database for state players to access provisions for rural sports centres, sports universities, sportspersons’ reservations in jobs and educational institutions, monetary assistance for players and coaches, and so on.