IOC Establishes Panel to Evaluate Eligibility of Individual Neutral Athletes

On March 19, 2024, the Executive Committee (EC) of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) decided to establish a panel to evaluate the eligibility of Individual Neutral Athletes (AINs), i.e., athletes with Russian or Belarusian passports, who obtain a qualification place for the Olympic Games Paris 2024. The eligibility conditions for the AINs were approved in December 2023.

The Individual Neutral Athlete Eligibility Review Panel (AINERP) is comprised of three members and is tasked with monitoring the conduct of the AINs and their support personnel who participate in the Olympic Games Paris 2024. The Board also decided on the flag and the anthem of the AINs, who will not be participating in the parade of delegations during the opening ceremony. As to the closing ceremony, the decision regarding their participation will be made at a later stage. Further, it is clarified that the medals they won will not be displayed on the NOC medal table.