ICC Playing Conditions: New Amendments to Stumping, Concussion Substitute Rules

The International Cricket Council (ICC) has made certain changes to the playing conditions, making them more stringent.

As per the new amendment, if the player was suspended from bowling at the time of concussion, the player’s substitute will not be allowed to bowl.

Before the amendment, when an appeal for stumping was made, the umpire would check for an edge as well. Such a scenario benefited the fielding team, enabling a free review for other modes of dismissal without the use of the Decision Review System (DRS). The ICC aims to bridge this gap by limiting the scope of a stumping review to only check for stumped. Consequently, in case of stumping referrals, the umpire can assess only the side-on replays. The fielding teams would have to go through the DRS route to check caught behind.

Further, the time for on-field injury assessment and treatment has been limited to four minutes. The amendment also states, “The third umpire will have a broader scope to automatically check all forms of foot fault no ball in addition to the front foot“.

The new changes came into force on December 12, 2023.