IBA Reminds National Federations that Dual Membership is Not Accepted

The International Boxing Association (IBA) has reiterated that it does not accept or consider dual membership. National federations have been asked to consider “dynamic risk assessment and a carefully thought-out long-term plan” before making membership decisions.

In a press release dated December 4, 2023, the IBA made a reference to one of its suspended members, the Dutch Boxing Federation conceding to the uncertainties faced on its exit. The IBA stated that though it is natural for federations to seek opportunities for their athletes to compete in the Olympics and other events, joining rogue organisations would prove futile.

Emphasising the training, skill development, etc. that a boxer must undergo to get to the top, the IBA pointed out that it provided adequate opportunities to boxers, whereas the alternative organisations do not.

The Association also pointed out that it was not clear whether or not such alternative organisations would receive recognition from the International Olympic Committee (IOC) as the process involved was long and complicated. However, recognition of the IBA was withdrawn by the IOC over concerns regarding governance, finance, and ethical issues, earlier this year.