IBA Asks “World Boxing” to Refrain from Using its Trademarks

The International Boxing Association (IBA) released a press release dated October 23, 2023, informing that it had sent a formal complaint to the organisation named “World Boxing” for the infringement of its trademarks.

It is specified that the trademarks “World Boxing” and “World Boxing Tour” belong to the IBA. It is alleged that the said organisation is using IBA’s trademarks in its name and logo as well as official documents, social media, etc. In the letter addressed to the Interim Secretary General of the organisation, the IBA has asked the organisation to remove the trademark from its materials and refrain from using it. The IBA has also requested for a public apology. In support of its claims, the Association has cited Articles 11.1 and 13.1 of the Federal Act on the Protection of Trade Marks and Indications of Source (TmPA).

The IBA Secretary General, Chris Roberts remarked, “Such actions not only inflict reputational and financial harm upon IBA but also misguide the global boxing community regarding the legitimacy of the organization, particularly when we find another entity of boxing using those trademarks that specifically belong to IBA. In light of these observations, the IBA has instructed the so-called rogue organization to “cease with the unlawful use of the concerned trademarks”.