Green Hydrogen: Pilot Project Guidelines Out For Transport Sector

The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy has unveiled scheme guidelines for the implementation of pilot projects for the use of green hydrogen in the transport sector. These guidelines were issued under the National Green Hydrogen Mission which was launched in January of last year.

The scheme has a budgetary outlay of Rs.496 Crore till FY 2025-26. The pilot projects will aid in ascertaining the existing issues and gaps which is quintessential for future scaling and commercial deployment. Further, it will facilitate infrastructure development and enable stakeholders to familiarise themselves with the use of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles and refuelling technologies. Such an initiative will ensure that vehicles get more economical in the near future.

It supports pilot projects for the use of green hydrogen as fuel in buses, trucks, and four-wheeler vehicles, and for the development of infrastructure like hydrogen refuelling stations. Under the scheme, support will also be provided for any other innovative use of hydrogen for bringing down carbon emissions in the transport sector. This could cover blending green hydrogen-based methanol or ethanol and other synthetic fuels derived from green hydrogen in automobile fuels.

The Ministry seeks to implement pilot projects for substituting fossil fuels with green hydrogen and its derivatives, in the transport sector. This is expected to be done with the help of the Ministry of Road, Transport and Highways (MoRTH) and the Scheme Implementing Agencies (SIAs) nominated under the scheme.

The Ministry’s guidelines shed light on the implementation methodology, funding and disbursement, applicable timelines, penalty provisions, monitoring framework, etc. It is specified that the MoRTH would issue guidelines for protecting IP rights created through projects funded under the scheme.